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Chloe Pinchasick

Trusted Stylist & Fashion Consultant


About Me

I was born and raised in New York, moving from the suburbs to the city and now back to the suburbs to create a family of my own. After taking the past year off to be with my first baby boy, I’ve never been more ready to dive back into work. I’ve had my hand in several different professions since graduating college, but I’ve always had the desire to pursue a career in fashion. After spending just about my entire life styling myself, friends and family, it’s become the perfect time to turn my greatest passion into my career.

I believe that getting dressed in the morning should be fun and easy, and our wardrobes should make us feel confident, motivated and beautiful. I want to help my clients invest in timeless fashion that they can keep coming back to.

I look forward to working with you!


Closet Edit

I will work with you to edit through your closet, getting rid of the clutter and maximizing your wardrobe potential with what you already own. Together, we will mix and match pieces to create outfits and find potentially missing wardrobe staples.

Personal Styling Edit

Vacation/Event Edit

Need a wardrobe refresh? I will create a lifestyle lookbook with shoppable links tailored to your styling and aesthetic goals. I will include elevated basics with pops of trends and colors to maximize your dollar and create a timeless wardrobe and your dream closet.

Have a specific occasion coming up and want to be best dressed? I’ve got you. I will create up to eight showstopping looks designed specifically for any occasion. The lookbook will provide you with shoppable links and multiple options to have you looking and feeling your best.

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